Nunslinger E Book Cover


The True Tale of how Sister Thomas Josephine of St Louis, Missouri began to cross the Overland Trail to Sacramento, California with the help of one Abraham C. Muir

1864. The Laramie Plains, Wyoming. 

‘I caught the sound of boots, marching in formation and knew my time had run out. Clenching my teeth, I looked him dead in the eye.

“You presume to know God’s will,  but you cannot know mine.”

I pulled the trigger.’

Set in 1864, Nunslinger sees nun Sister Thomas Josephine on her way to California,  finding she has to pick up a gun, in a plot featuring “varmints, lowlifes, cowboys, drifters, desperadoes, high-plains adventure and page-turning excitement”.

A “groundbreaking digital serial Western”, the story will be published in 12 parts, with parts 1, 2 and 3 published on 26th December 2013 and nine more parts following in March, June and September 2014. 

Editor Anne Perry of Hodder & Stoughton said: “Hodder has a long and proud history of publishing Westerns, from Zane Grey to Max Brand, and I’m thrilled to be adding another classic to the fold. This is a Western for the 21st century.”

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