Stark’s Library

Well I’ll be damned all over, it’s time for me to open the old book shack again so y’all can have look at my readin’ habits and NUNSLINGER paraphernalia.

This week it’s the turn of A LADY’S LIFE IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS by ISABELLA L. BIRD. 20140310-123004.jpg

Mercy me, this is an interesting yarn. Isabella Bird – a Victorian lady explorer – decides to travel solo over the Rocky Mountains on her way back from Hawaii. She relates her adventures to her sister in England in epistolary form, casually describing encounters with bears, near-starvation and becoming BFFs with a notorious outlaw along the way.

Facing near death in an ice storm? Nothing a good cup of broth can’t fix.

History lovers and time-travelling adventurers will like this one.

On the other hand, if y’all are interested in travel journals about 19th century Mexico, I can safely not recommend Across Mexico, 1864-65 by W.H. Bullock. He’s a right tedious dickbag.

Also, what’s that? The NEXT THREE INSTALMENTS OF NUNSLINGER ARE OUT IN THREE DAYS? Well I’ll be. Check ’em here.

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