Nunslinger Omnibus: A Hexad of Trouble

I am more excited than Great Uncle Jeremiah at a moonshine still convention. It’s publication day for Nunslingers #4, #5 and #6, and what’s more, a darn  almanac omnibus collection with the first half of Sister Thomas Josephine’s tales:

Nunslinger Omnibus Books 1-6 Cover

Ain’t that fine? You can get your hands on it over at any e-book peddlar, like Amazon  or Google Play or iBooks or Kobo or gosh darn anywhere y’all usually buy ’em.

THERE’S MORE! “Stark!” you say, “unless you’re offering buffalo jerky and a liquor bath, I don’t see what more there could be.”

How about an exclusive, limited edition, Nunslinger Omnibus Proof? That’s right, we gots a few to tie in with the omnibus release; those varmints over at Hodderscape are giving away five, and there may be a few more up for grabs over here… Watch this space and be quick with them there typing fingers.

Nunslinger Omnibus Limited Edition Proofs

Remember, if y’all have already read Books 1-3, then 4-6 are available separate like, too. Grab their infomation over at the catalogue or yell WHERE CAN I READ THEM? loudly at the screen.

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