NUNSLINGER Omnibus Proof Giveaway!

Well hey y’all, as you might have noticed that there NUNSLINGER Omnibus collecting Books 1-6 came barrelling out the saloon doors last week. If you been dawdling over the instalments then it’s their perfect way to get up to speed faster than a coyote after a sausage.

Y’all can hunt it out on Amazon  or Google Play or iBooks or Kobo or any other reputable purveyor of such things.

Now the exciting news: to celebrate the omnibus, I’ll be giving y’all the chance to win a limited edition special proof (here’s a likeness)Nunslinger Proofs

All y’all gotta do is read today’s interview over at Hodderscape and send me a tweet or comment to tell me:


Y’all can reach me @starkholborn. Get lively now! Quickest on the draw wins the prize!

2 thoughts on “NUNSLINGER Omnibus Proof Giveaway!”

  1. Hiya, might be a bit late to the game but left a comment on your interview, appreciate it might be too late for the competition but the answer is rattle !

    Enjoying the books immensely, Can’t wait for number 7. All the best Darren

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