The JOURNEY of Sister T-J

To celebrate the launch of Nunslinger Books 7-9 tomorrow, I thought I’d share one of my most treasured possessions with y’all: a map of Sister Thomas Josephine’s journey ‘cross the West.

Found it in a flea market in Denver, rolled up inside an old musket. Got no idea who made the markings or drew the trail, but I suspect it might’ve been the good Sister herself.

If any of y’all want a SNEAK PEEK at where Sister TJ’s journey might take her in Books 7-9, then have a gander, find where you left her, then look on…

Nunslinger Sister Thomas Josephine journey

Nunslinger Book 7: Westward Orders 

Book 8: The Brother of Bone Orchard 

Book 9: Homily for the Damned or .com, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo or wherever else y’all get your ebooks from!

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