That’s right folks, the next 3 books in the Nunslinger series are published TODAY.

Nunslinger Book 7 CoverBook 7: Westward Orders 

The events following the battle of El Paso del Norte found Sister Thomas Josephine fighting for her life. When she’s returned to her St Louis, Missouri convent an unwilling prisoner, she takes a vow of silence. But when she hears news of Abe Muir’s survival, she must make a terrible decision: can she forget her promises to him and live the rest of her life in silence and contemplation? Or will she once again throw aside everything she knows and set out for Indian Territory?

Where once she rode an ungainly horse called Pokeberry, Sister Thomas Josephine will now find herself riding the rolling Mississippi River in search of action, adventure, and a soul worth saving.

Nunslinger Book 8 Cover

Book 8: The Brother of Bone Orchard

A terrible accident and a life-changing deed find Sister Thomas Josephine the prisoner of the roughest characters she’s yet encountered: a gang of bushwackers and deserters bent on mindless destruction – and getting ahold of the bounty on her head. But the more time she spends among them the more she comes to understand that they’re just boys, cheated of a normal life by the terrible war that is tearing apart the United States. And they’re bringing her ever closer to Indian Country… and Abraham C. Muir.

Book 9: Homily for the Damned 

With enemies at every turn, Sister Thomas Josephine has no choice but to take up arms and find her own form of justice: a motley crew of hunters, drunks and thieves. With a bounty on her head the size of New Mexico, she rides the wilds of Indian Territory in order to liberate Abe from the clutches from the most notorious killer in the West. But has her former friend fallen too far to be saved?

The Nunslinger series has been published in instalments throughout 2014, with the final three volumes released on 11th September 2014.

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