Well, ain’t this exciting? The actual writing of Nunslinger is officially done and dusted, with Books 9-12 (and the second omnibus) being released in ebook format on September 11th. It’s sure been a whirlwind of a process: near 190,000 words in 9 months, 12 novellas, a whole heap of research and more fun than a hammock full of raccoons.

But wait, what’s this? paperback? A gosh-darn, page-turnin’, real doorstop of a book? That’s right; on December 4th 2014, the adventures of Sister Thomas Josephine & crew are being collected into one jam-packed complete series, with more special features than the Lord of the Rings bonus DVD. There’ll be introductions, deleted scenes, extra features and other fine mysteries to fill your eyeholes with.

And a new cover! Here’s a sneak peek (illustration still courtesy of fine gent Philip Harris). Ain’t that a peach?

Nunslinger paperback cover

NUNSLINGER: THE COMPLETE SERIES will be available from all those fine retailers of books, almanacs and omnibuses, priced £8.99 or thereabouts.

Reviewer? Want a proof of the book to help pass those long, dark hours in your mountain cabin? Get in touch with them varmints @hodderscape and they might send you one. Comes with free jerky.*

* free mind-jerky, that is.

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