Going Public at Nine Worlds

So on Saturday I’ll be at Nine Worlds 2014, and gosh darn am I excited about it. And nervous too. So nervous that I’ll be trying not to throw up all over my second best boots. This here will be my first public appearance, so if you see me sidling towards the bar when I’m supposed to be in County C&D, please prod me panel-ward.

Assuming all is fine and dandy, y’all can catch me at the following:

SATURDAY 9th August

Westerns: they’re your Huckleberry
County C&D, 3:15pm – 4:30pm

Saddle up – we’re off to the not-so-distant past to find the secrets of this rough and tumble genre. Panel: Jared Shurin, Will Hill, Stark Holborn, John Hornor Jacobs, Joanne Harris.

New Voices: the Class of 2014 continued!
Royal B, 10.15pm – 11.30pm
Tracks: All of the Books

Evening showcase of new writers! Bring your drinks, bring your friends – this is your chance to find your next literary addiction.

And you can GUARANTEE that I’ll be drifting about the place for the rest of the day / night / and on Sunday like an old gabardine shirt on washing day. So do come say good day if you’re there too, and I’ll buy you a whiskey. And maybe some jerky. (I’ll bring jerky).

2 thoughts on “Going Public at Nine Worlds”

  1. Loved the profile pic!

    Is this where Stark gets unveiled to the public for the first time?

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  2. Originally I was going to set up a group for the GeekOut South-West social for the Nine Worlds Convention. I did get snatched up on something else, but I hope you take lots of pictures of the day and show us what went on there! 🙂

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