Goin’ West at BristolCon

This week I’ll be getting ready for the furthest west con of the year so far, and what’s more it’s in my own home town. Hot diggety!

BristolCon is landing on Saturday 25th for a whole day of hog-tying, hoe-downing, SFF and genre shenanigans. There’ll be panels, talks, games, klatches, brawls* and more.

I myself will be in the following places:

15.00 – 15.45:

The Fragmentation of Fandom?
The way we watch and read has changed – we can scoff a whole box set in one sitting, or snack on youtube videos. How does this affect the experience of consuming media and the act of creation? Does more complex and diverse sff come at the expense of shared conversation?

with Stark Holborn (Mod), Myfanwy Rodman, Ian Millsted, Jasper Fforde, Karoliina Leikomaa

16.00 – 16.45:

Sex or Death?
From chopping off heads to…well, this is a family convention… Which is more fun to write? And more challenging? Are we more squeamish about sex or death in our fiction?

with Jaine Fenn (Mod), Paul Cornell, Kevlin Henney, Stark Holborn, Jonathan L. Howard

16.50 – 16.55: Reading from Nunslinger (What am I to do with my reading pard John Hornor Jacobs all away over in Arkansas? Anyone volunteer?)

No doubt y’all be able to find me in the bar at all most other times; I’m more excited than a june-bug in a syrup can to have a drink with faces new and varmints old. I’ll be packing jerky as per, for all those who get peckish for dried, salted meat.

Come say howdy if y’all will be there. If this is the first you heard of it, then membership is still available right up to the day (£25) though it’ll cost you a few more greenbacks on the door.

* non-official activity, but what’s a con without a good-natured ruckus?

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