30 Days and Countin’

Gold prospecter holding a copy of Stark Holborn's NunslingerAs I was sitting in the outhouse earlier, minding my business, I happened to glance over at the almanac and what did I see? That it were a mere THIRTY days until NUNSLINGER: The Complete Series is published!

Now, I don’t know ’bout you, but I’ve been more excited¬†than a prairie hen in a corn barrel to see Sister Thomas Josephine’s adventures printed up into a real-life, no-fooling, page-riffling, doorstop of a book, and what should I be sent today, direct by telegram from Editor Perry herself?

Nunslinger front of paperback

A likeness of the goddam paperback itself that’s what! Ain’t it purty? Kudos an’ all fine thanks to Mr Philip “Quick Draw” Harris for the artwork. Let’s take a moment to gaze on its fine corners:

Nunslinger detail from Paperback

An’ not to mention the back:

Back of paperback of Stark Holborn's Nunslinger

Wanna get your grubby, prospecting mitts on a copy of it? I don’t blame you! Y’all will have to wait a month though: it’ll be barreling its way into real-life book and dry goods stores on December 4th. If you’re keener than raccoons y’all can even pre-order a copy.

In the meantime, keep your eyes sharp and your ears open for news of the official Nunslinger Book Launch…

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