Nunslinger Book Launch: A Mighty Fine Shindig

Wanted poster Sister Thomas Josephine from Nunslinger

Y’all are invited to a hog-tying, page-rifflin’, literary hoe-down to celebrate the launch of Nunslinger: The Complete Series.

When is it, dammit?
Wednesday 10th December, 6pm to 8pm

Where, you varmint?
Foyles, Cabot Circus, Bristol

An’ then what?
Drinks from 8pm at The Doghouse, 12 St Stephens Street

What should I expect?
Whaddya think? Books. And drinks. Maybe a brawl. Readings by Stark ‘n friends. Drinks. Jerky. Custom cocktails. More brawling. Nuns. A mighty fine shindig. We’ll aim to misbehave.

Hell, what do I do until then?
It’s a free hoe-down, but y’all can reserve tickets for the launch by emailing There’ll be copies of the book in-store, should y’all want one, but pre-orderin’ can be done here.

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