What’s that there, on the horizon, all rectangular shaped and papery and flappin’ like a bibliomaniac buzzard? It’s gettin’ closer, why, it’s… it’s…


Nunslinger the Complete Series paperback

Hot diggedy gosh darn ain’t that a mighty fine daisy of a peach! If you get your dandy selves down to any fine book and canned good emporium, y’all will be able to pick up a copy for £8 and 99 of your English pence.

This here is my debut novel, the first one to make its way out on its own to brave the bookshops, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. As anyone who’s followed Nunslinger over the past year knows, it’s been one heck of a whirlwind: between October 2013 and July 2014 I wrote, edited and proofed (with the help of them dauntless Hodderscape folk) 12 novellas chock-full of Sister Thomas Josephine’s adventures, about 180,000 words in all. It sometimes had me wallowing face-down on the floor in despair, but often had been exhilarated, delighted and absolutely in love with the act of writing.

Put down that bottle in the back there! I’m tryin’ to be serious!

Hmm hmm. Anyway, I’ve learnt more in the past year about writing than in all the time that went before, and from that perspective, the experience has been utterly transformative.

I got to take this one opportunity to raise a glass to both my agent, Ed Wilson, for sticking with me through all my ramblings, and to the best editor in the West (and east, south or north for that matter) Editor Anne C. Perry, who looked at my strange tale of a nun with a gun, spat on her hand and said yes. Hey, all of y’all at Hodderscape! There’s drinks at the bar!

Wanted poster Sister Thomas Josephine from Nunslinger

Speakin’ of drinks, there are some mighty fine celebratory shenanigans planned for the next week or so. Firstly, I’ll be staggerin’ into Forbidden Planet Bristol on Saturday 6th, from 1pm-2pm to scrawl all over their stock copies of Nunslinger. I might garble out a reading, too.

And then there’s the big launch shindig! Wednesday 10th December, Bristol Foyles from 6 – 8pm, followed by drinks and catawampous merriment at The Doghouse, who’ve promised unique, Nunslinger-themed cocktails, a root-tootin’ time, and maybe even a good-natured brawl. We’ll be there, so drop on by pard, and help raise a glass to toast Sister TJ into life good and proper. YEEHAW!


    1. Well then, I’ve checked in with Hodder and we’re definitely hoping to get some copies across the pond at some point. At the moment, they ain’t available directly in the US, but I’ll say watch this space. In the meantime, I know there are a few sellers offering export copies from the UK.

    1. Hi again Kate, I’ve checked in with the publisher, and there aren’t any copies of Nunslinger currently available from Amazon US, so my best guess would be that your order is with a third party seller (most of which appear to be shipping books from the UK). Hope that helps shed some light…

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