Now, whilst I hate to disappoint y’all, this ain’t a post announcing the long-awaited spin-off mash-up of Nunslinger: The Proposition. Rather, Sister TJ has hopped a boat, sailed the seas, and Nunslinger: The Complete Series paperback now available on t’other side of the world!

Nunslinger decorated with Australian flag

I fear I don’t know for certain where she’ll be staking out exactly, but I’d recommend going and making nice to your local bookstore until they help you out. They probably take bribes; whiskey, gold nuggets or a fine, fat marmot usually does the trick, I find. I know for a fact that Pages & Pages in Mosman have a few, ‘cos they said so on twitter.

For the folks what have been asking about Nunslinger State-side: it’s the same old, for now; only available as an export copy shipped from the UK. Y’all will be the first to know if and when I have news on that.

For now, you varmints down under get to feel smug and wave your copies around in the general direction of the rest of the world. Hell, I’ll know if you don’t.

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