Saddle the other mule! Yet More Summer Happenings

Now it’s a well known fact that I’m about as crooked as a Virginia fence when it comes to leaving the cabin and setting foot in the city, but there are so many hootenannies on during August that I’m dusting off my hat, pulling on my best bib an’ tucker and getting me ready for a right old hog-tying time.

Nuns dancing


6th Fantasy in the Court, London, 6-9pm

First up, those fine folk at Goldsboro Books & Hodderscape are hosting a shindig in Cecil Court. The line-up includes so many mighty names from the genre community that I’ll be quakin’ in my britches, but it sure promises to be a good ‘un. Tickets are five bucks from Goldsboro.

7th-9th Nine Worlds, Heathrow

Nine Worlds! Yeah! *shoots pistol with joy*. I goddam loved this whole affair last year. It was my first ever Con as an author, and it was great. I was on my first ever panel (complete with double whiskey at 2.30pm on a Saturday, thanks to my agent) and did my first ever reading, for which I am ever indebted to my pard John Hornor Jacobs for lending me his lush Arkansas vocals.

This year is just a daisy, panel-wise. I’ll be bandy-legging around all weekend, dashing between panels, propping up the bar and slurring good-natured obscenities, but I’ll also be moderating (ERMAGERD) at the following:

“IT’S ALIVE!” – Creating a Monster
Commonwealth West, 1:30pm – 2:45pm (All of the Books)

Rebecca Levene, David Monteith, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Jen Williams, Tom Fletcher

A good monster should scare you but leave you wanting more but with everything from Dr Who to Halo giving us new and exciting beasts, what does it take to create a truly memorable monster?


BristolCon, 26th September, Doubletree Hotel, Bristol

Any con where I can stagger all of a ten minute walk home at the end of the day is a damn good con in my book. It’s also run by damn lovely people, and features damn fine guests. I’ll be there, you know, generally malingering.

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