Fall 2015 Events & Humdingers

Good gravy, is is BristolCon time again already? Seems only two winks ago that we were badgering the bar staff of the hotel to serve us whiskey at 3am after a right grand ol’ day. I’ll be there, front n’ centre, trying to keep my words straight at the following times:

Room 1, 10.00-10.45am

Lost Cities and Abandoned Places
Lost and abandoned places are an endless source of fascination, from Atlantis to Pripyat. The panelists discuss their favourite lost and abandoned places in fiction and move on to consider lost real-world places, including those we have lost in our lifetime, and how they could inspire future works of fiction.

with Stark Holborn (Mod), Anne Lyle, Huw Powell, Jaine Fenn and Pete Sutton

Room 1, 12.00-12.45

More Human than Human
After the recent rush of AI-tastic SF (Ancillary Justice, Her, Ex Machina) the panel talk about all things AI. Is assigning human characteristics to domestic appliances a step too far? What are the dangers inherent in AI, and what are the benefits?

with Robert Harkess (Mod), Adrian Tchaikovsky, Gareth L. Powell, Myfanwy Rodman and Stark Holborn

All good, honest root-tootin’ fun. Come say howdy, I’ll no doubt be in the bar.

While I’m at it, I might as well mention that I’ll also be at FantasyCon this year, talking Westerns (what else) with some delightful folk. More on that later.

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