FantasyCon 2015

giphy (1)I’m going to be there. Doing this.

Room: Suite 2
7.00pm Wanted, Dead or Alive: The Weird Western
The Western has been described as ‘like peanut butter: rarely served on its own, but seems to go with everything.’ Recently the genre has seen something of a revitalisation within the SFF domain. How are the tropes of cowboy-lore being dusted down and given new spurs with horror, fantasy and sci-fi influences? Is it more than just horses and guns and can it become an enduring sub-genre? Our panel of gun-totin’ varmints hits the trail to wrangle some answers to the enduring mythology of the wild and weird West.

Moderator: Anne Perry
Panellists: Guy Adams, Ben Galley, Stark Holborn, Benedict J Jones, Arianne ‘Tex’ Thompson

As you were.

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