Summer events are afoot. Here are the places I will be and when I will be in them:

12th-14th August


Ready, Steady, FLASH!
Bouzy, 6:45pm – 7:45pm (Entertainment)

Everyone loves a good story. But sometimes, inspiration doesn’t strike. Join host Lee Harris and his victims… *ahem* motley crew of professional authors as they attempt to write four pieces of flash fiction. The catch? They don’t know the theme of their stories until a second before they have to start writing them, and they only have five minutes in which to write each one! You, the audience, get to decide the winner!

dear god please someone sneak me some beer for this one, it sounds terrifying

Followed by: BAR


Genre Fun-Time Room 101
Epernay, 5:00pm – 6:00pm (Living Words)
Matt Blakstad, Stark Holborn, Jason Arnopp, Anne Perry, Bex Levene, Edward Cox
Come one! Come all! See our passionate panelists voraciously compete to declare their choice of the Most Hated Cliche Of All Time – the biggest laugh sees the panelists pet peeve or authorial nightmare consigned to the dark, dank, despicable, dire depths of Room 101! (All cliches will be fished out and washed off and given a good hug after, we don’t hold with cruelty to innocent plot devices)

Re-envisioning history as genre
Mouton Cadet, 6:45pm – 7:45pm (Living Words)

Angus Watson, Tom Lloyd, Daniel Godfrey, Stark Holborn, Aliya Whiteley
HISTORY. We can’t escape it and we can’t go back and fiddle with it, or not yet anyway – so how do we use it to reshape our understanding of the world, other worlds, and completely strange and different places? How has it affected plots, characters, visions of the future? Or are we in fact changing it?

Moral issues in speculative fiction
Bordeaux, 8:30pm – 9:30pm (Living Words)

Jen Williams, Matt Blakstad, Mark de Jager, Al Robertson, Stark Holborn, Lisa Tuttle
When you’re dealing with a sentient and newly murderous AI, or the revelation that the people behind the Wall are… well, actually people too, what happens to your morality? Moral quandaries can arise from the most unexpected places and some of the very best speculative fiction is driven by them. So, how do you do right, or wrong, when the world around you has shifted the goalposts? Hero or villain? Renegade or Paragon? And is the line between them a brick wall or a chalk mark?

That’s right, you get me for three panels in a row. Which will most definitely be followed by:


Come say howdy. Whether I’ll be able to make conversation by then will be a different matter, but I’ll grunt in a good-natured fashion at you, all the same. After that, I will *likely* be at BristolCon in the autumn, depending on whether the mountain passes are clear, where my herd have got to, and whether I hit pay dirt…

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