Western Reviews @ Pornokitsch

In case all of you terrible varmints have had your head under a rock, searching for bullion this past year, y’all know I’ve been reviewing Westerns over at Pornkitsch for some time now.

But in case you didn’t know that; here’s where you can find them.

I’ll be the first to admit that the reviews have got a tad more… eccentric of late. I’m on a one-western-author mission to find and review the weirdest possible western films out there. Cue latest (and favourite) discovery: Lemonade Joe (1964). A Soviet-era, Czech, Musical Comedy Western.

And what have y’all got to look forward to in future? We have a female-directed, Russian Soviet-era Avant Garde “Red Western”, (A Man from the Boulevard des Capucines, 1987) as well as a musing on animated Westerns of the 1960s and 70s! Don’t say I never give you nothin.

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