High-8 Video Rentals: #1

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For the curious, here’s the full list of films that can be found within the ever-shifting walls of High-8 Video Rentals.

High 8 Video Rentals is a regularly occurring interactive fiction series written using Ink, set in a video shop that gives out recommendations for interesting films currently on streaming platforms… You can play it for free on Itch.io


Meek’s Cutoff (2011) Prime

The Shooting (1966) Prime


Fighting with my Family (2019) Netflix

Top Secret! (1984) Prime £


The Platform (El Hoyo – 2019) Netflix

Christine (1983) Netflix


Wormwood (2017) Netflix

Minding the Gap (2018) BBC iPlayer


You Were Never Really Here (2017) Netflix

Klute (1971) Prime £


What Did Jack Do? (2017) Netflix

Bad Taste (1987) Prime

Clerk’s Recommendation:

High and Low (1963) Prime £