Ten Low Pre-Order Gift

Ten Low Exclusive Giveaway
Postcard and sticker art and design by Tom Boot

With just over a month to go until TEN LOW is released, I’m offering a free gift as a big THANK YOU to people who pre-order. It includes:

Ten Low exclusive giveaway

– One of 50 signed, stamped and numbered postcards
– A Ten Low themed vinyl sticker

Click here to request yours.

Here are some pre-order links: (p.s. pre-ordering from an indie bookshop earns extra author kudos.)

Mr B’s Emporium, Storysmith Books (<– my locals), Forbidden Planet, Portal Bookshop, Waterstones, Hive, Bookshop.org, Broken Binding, Amazon UK, Amazon US

Pre-orders are one surefire way to help boost a book’s success; they show Titan, my publisher, that readers are interested, and bookshops take notice too, especially when deciding which books to order in. And because they often count as day one sales, they help a book find visibility in the charts. So if you pre-order, thank you! I’m hugely grateful for the support.

P.s. if you have any problem with the request form above, just drop me an email via my contact form.

Still need convincing?

“With plenty of action and vivid worldbuilding, this tense adventure will have readers hooked.” – Publishers Weekly

“The future of space westerns, TEN LOW showed me the most vibrant desert world since DUNE. A stunning blend of pulp and literary exploration that leaves the old guard masters in the dust.” – Alex White, author of the Salvagers trilogy