Who is Stark?

Stark Holborn ©Stark Holborn

Small time liquor bootlegger, purveyor of dime novels and author of Nunslinger.

Stark Holborn is a writer of genre fiction with a six-gallon hat and a past shrouded in mystery.

Stark is represented by Ed Wilson of  Johnson & Alcock, who says of Holborn: “It’s not every day a Wild West enigma slams a bottle of Jack down on your desk and starts telling you what happens to the human brain when shot at close range with a shotgun. But when that day comes, you know you’ve got to grab it with both hands.”

Stark ‘Fairweather’ Holborn is said to hail from Wichita, KS, but drifts between continents like a scrap of bison hide on the breeze, and is currently thought to be residing somewhere near Bristol. Please direct all questions, comments and offers of bourbon to Ed Wilson, above.


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