Who is Stark?

Stark Holborn ©

Stark Holborn is a novelist, games writer and film reviewer, and is the author of Nunslinger.

Previous games writing credits include story consultancy, narrative and script work on games for Cartoon Network, BBC and Adult Swim as well as several upcoming indie titles.

Stark is represented by Ed Wilson of  Johnson & Alcock, who says of Holborn: “It’s not every day a Wild West enigma slams a bottle of Jack down on your desk and starts telling you what happens to the human brain when shot at close range with a shotgun. But when that day comes, you know you’ve got to grab it with both hands.”

Stark ‘Fairweather’ Holborn is believed to reside somewhere near Bristol. Please direct all questions, comments and offers of bourbon to Ed Wilson, above, or just the contact form below.

2 thoughts on “Who is Stark?”

  1. Will we be seeing more from Stark any time soon? I love the mystery but I also love the story. And more stories would be amazing!

    1. Howdy Brice. I’ve been toiling away on… other homesteads. But plots are a-brewing and stories are distilling. Thanks for checking in though, pard.

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