Advanced Triggernometry (#2)

Cover image for Advanced Triggernometry

FORMATS: epub, mobi
PUBLISHED: April 2021
PAGES: 65pp approx

“Clever, funny, subversive, wholly original, and packs a bigger punch than a Colt Peacemaker.” Joanne Harris, author of The Testament of Loki, The Strawberry Thief, Chocolat & many more

That gold you stole will burn a hole in your heart…

After pulling off the heist of the century, Professor Malago Browne and Pierre de Fermat are determined to hang up their protractors for good. But once you’ve been the most dangerous mathematician in the west, peace doesn’t come easy…

When three women approach Browne with a proposition, she can’t help but listen. Terrorised by a corrupt sheriff and his posse, the town need to hire the quickest and deadliest fighters they can find: in other words, mathmos.

Together with six unlikely allies, Browne once again finds herself facing incalculable odds in a battle for the town, its people, and the fate of every mathematician in the Western States.

And seven isn’t always a lucky number…

The second novella in Stark Holborn’s series, Advanced Triggernometry mixes the grit of the west with a cast of mathematicians from across history to create a truly unique and unforgettable adventure.

Praise for Triggernometry #1:

“Totally unique and a veritable jolt to the sheer perversity of the imagination… It’s like Sergio Leone and William Gibson rewriting the Old West with a quantum calculator”Maxim Jakubowski

“Like Holborn’s previous Western, Nunslinger, the real virtue of Triggernometry is how it ascends past its catchy pulp premise, and uses its charming concept to deliver complex characters dealing with murky moral problems.” –

“A wild, rollicking and endlessly-surprising tale of low lives and higher mathematics. I loved it!” – Lavie Tidhar, award-winning author of By Force Alone, Unholy Land and Central Station

Published by: Rattleback Books

Edited by: Jon Oliver and Anouchka Harris

Cover artwork by: Philip Harris

Publication date: 8th April 2021

Advanced Triggernometry is published as Plomo al Cubo in Spain by El Transbordador, translated by Manuel de los Reyes.