NUNSLINGER Omnibus Proof Giveaway!

Well hey y’all, as you might have noticed that there NUNSLINGER Omnibus collecting Books 1-6 came barrelling out the saloon doors last week. If you been dawdling over the instalments then it’s their perfect way to get up to speed faster than a coyote after a sausage. Y’all can hunt it out on Amazon  or Google […]

What folks are saying ’bout NUNSLINGER

There’s some fine folk out there been saying things about NUNSLINGER Books 1-3. I ain’t paid them in liquor, skins, guns, knitting or offered services of any sort, I swear it. “Nunslinger is more serious than its name would imply. It is an exceedingly fun read with good people, bad people, blazing guns, chases, jailbreaks, derring-do and all […]