Bristol WestCon & Other Fall Fandangos

Well, it’s been a fine ol’ summer here in the cabin, but I’m just about ready to dust off my duster, haul out my hat, and get me into the wide world for a spell. Me and some other fine folks (such as my ol’ pal and all round curly wolf Jonathan L. Howard, cattle […]

Western Reviews @ Pornokitsch

In case all of you terrible varmints have had your head under a rock, searching for bullion this past year, y’all know I’ve been reviewing Westerns over at Pornkitsch for some time now. But in case you didn’t know that; here’s where you can find them. I’ll be the first to admit that the reviews […]


Summer events are afoot. Here are the places I will be and when I will be in them: NINE WORLDS 12th-14th August FRIDAY: Ready, Steady, FLASH! Bouzy, 6:45pm – 7:45pm (Entertainment) Everyone loves a good story. But sometimes, inspiration doesn’t strike. Join host Lee Harris and his victims… *ahem* motley crew of professional authors as […]

FantasyCon 2015

I’m going to be there. Doing this. Room: Suite 2 7.00pm Wanted, Dead or Alive: The Weird Western The Western has been described as ‘like peanut butter: rarely served on its own, but seems to go with everything.’ Recently the genre has seen something of a revitalisation within the SFF domain. How are the tropes […]

Fall 2015 Events & Humdingers

Good gravy, is is BristolCon time again already? Seems only two winks ago that we were badgering the bar staff of the hotel to serve us whiskey at 3am after a right grand ol’ day. I’ll be there, front n’ centre, trying to keep my words straight at the following times: Room 1, 10.00-10.45am Lost […]

Saddle the Mule: Summer Events 2015

After a long winter tanning hides, brewing hooch and rounding up the llamas, me an’ Franklin are getting ready to venture out into civilisation again. There are some mighty fine events, readings, slurrings, snake-fights and conventions lined up, and these here are the ones I’m like to be at in the next few months, otherwise known […]