Stark reviews: A Town Called Pandemonium

For obvious reasons, you’d be right in assuming that I am the sort to lunge after a good digital anthology. Working solely in this medium (so far) has set the pace for my own Nunslinger series: breakneck, breathless serialisation. It has been both a challenge and a joy, given freedom and flexibility alongside the tight […]

NUNSLINGER Omnibus Proof Giveaway!

Well hey y’all, as you might have noticed that there NUNSLINGER Omnibus collecting Books 1-6 came barrelling out the saloon doors last week. If you been dawdling over the instalments then it’s their perfect way to get up to speed faster than a coyote after a sausage. Y’all can hunt it out on Amazon  or Google […]

Nunslinger Omnibus: A Hexad of Trouble

Hooooey folks! I am more excited than Great Uncle Jeremiah at a moonshine still convention. It’s publication day for Nunslingers #4, #5 and #6, and what’s more, a darn  almanac omnibus collection with the first half of Sister Thomas Josephine’s tales:   Ain’t that fine? Y’all can get your hands on it over at any e-book peddlar, […]

Stark’s Library

Well I’ll be damned all over, it’s time for me to open the old book shack again so y’all can have look at my readin’ habits and NUNSLINGER paraphernalia. This week it’s the turn of A LADY’S LIFE IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS by ISABELLA L. BIRD. Mercy me, this is an interesting yarn. Isabella Bird […]

NUNSLINGER Lands on US Shores

That’s RIGHT, y’all. After a long and traumatic voyage across the Atlantic, facing krakens, pirates, icebergs, James Cameron, bad CGI and with only the Firefly box set to keep the crew sane, NUNSLINGER has landed on US Shores. From where I’m standing ‘American shores’ look rather a lot like the page where y’all can […]

Stark’s Library

Bibliography Monday! Everyone’s favorite day. Here’s where I let y’all in on some of the eccentric reading matter that helps me out with NUNSLINGER. Today is the turn of a good friend and companion of mine. That’s right, it’s THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL HISTORY OF THE WAR OF THE REBELLION PART II VOLUME III: A […]

What folks are saying ’bout NUNSLINGER

There’s some fine folk out there been saying things about NUNSLINGER Books 1-3. I ain’t paid them in liquor, skins, guns, knitting or offered services of any sort, I swear it. “Nunslinger is more serious than its name would imply. It is an exceedingly fun read with good people, bad people, blazing guns, chases, jailbreaks, derring-do and all […]