The epic, twelve-part tale of Sister Thomas Josephine.

Nunslinger paperback cover

PUBLISHER: Hodder & Stoughton

The year is 1864. Sister Thomas Josephine, an innocent Visitantine nun from St Louis, Missouri, is making her way west to the promise of a new life in Sacramento, California. When an attack on her wagon train leaves her stranded in Wyoming, Thomas Josephine finds her faith tested and her heart torn between Lt. Theodore F. Carthy, a man too beautiful to be true, and the mysterious grifter Abraham C. Muir.

Falsely accused of murder she goes on the run, all the while being hunted by a man who has become dangerously obsessed with her. Her journey will take her from the most forbidding mountain peaks to the most hostile desert on earth, from Nevada to Mexico to Texas, and her faith will be tested in ways she could never imagine.

Nunslinger is the true tale of Sister Thomas Josephine, a woman whose desire to do good in the world leads her on an incredible adventure that pits her faith, her feelings and her very life against inhospitable elements, the armies of the North and South, and the most dangerous creature of all: man.

“The sort of complex morality tale that harkens back to the best of the Western genre.” (Pornokitsch)

“Witty and atmospheric, with a cliffhanger every few chapters, Nunslinger is thrilling stuff, even if – as I used to think – westerns aren’t really your thing. I galloped through the omnibus edition in one bumpy sitting.” (The Observer)

“I love a good western, and Nunslinger is a great one. Sharp writing, moral ambiguity, and a story-line that will rope you in and won’t let you go. Addictive and original.” (Sarah Lotz, author of The Three)

“More fun than a rattlesnake in a barn dance brantub.” (Reading Addicts)

“An action-packed traditional western with hard-hitting scenes.” (Western Fiction Review)

“Marvellous in every way; well-written, visually arresting, occasionally tongue-in-cheek humorous… I loved it.” (Joanne Harris)

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