Saddle the Mule: Summer Events 2015

After a long winter tanning hides, brewing hooch and rounding up the llamas, me an’ Franklin are getting ready to venture out into civilisation again. There are some mighty fine events, readings, slurrings, snake-fights and conventions lined up, and these here are the ones I’m like to be at in the next few months, otherwise known […]

BristolCon Fringe Readin’

  Varmints, apologies for wireless silence over the past month, I’ve been in the wilds, holed up in the winter cabin, without so much as a cup-on-a-string for communication. But now I’m back, in time for a fine ol’ gathering organised by them folk at BristolCon. On Monday 16th February at 7.30pm, I’m going to […]


Now, whilst I hate to disappoint y’all, this ain’t a post announcing the long-awaited spin-off mash-up of Nunslinger: The Proposition. Rather, Sister TJ has hopped a boat, sailed the seas, and Nunslinger: The Complete Series paperback now available on t’other side of the world! I fear I don’t know for certain where she’ll be staking out exactly, […]

Signin’ at Forbidden Planet, Bristol

Yes, you heard me right, you terrible varmints, I’m doing a SIGNIN’. On Saturday 6th December from 1-2pm, I’m goin’ to be rolling up to the doors of Forbidden Planet Megastore in Bristol to call on all the fine folk who work there, and to scrawl on anything they put in front of me. I’m […]

30 Days and Countin’

As I was sitting in the outhouse earlier, minding my business, I happened to glance over at the almanac and what did I see? That it were a mere THIRTY days until NUNSLINGER: The Complete Series is published! Now, I don’t know ’bout you, but I’ve been more excited than a prairie hen in a corn […]

Talkin’ at

T’other fine day that dandy gent Mr Shurin (yes, him from Pornokitsch) came to talk to me over a quart of liquor about all things Nunslinger. Y’all can read his probing questions and my rambling answers over at that there; thankee to Tor and Jared. ’twas mighty fun.

NUNSLINGER BOOKS 10-12: The Final Showdown

Well slap me on the rump, call me Aunt Sal and cover me in molasses, it’s nearly time for the final three books in the Nunslinger series to be released! Tomorrow, BOOKS 10-12 will hit them virtual shelves, along with the second of those ol’ omnibuses (omnibi? omniboo?) containing Books 7-12.  I don’t know ’bout […]