Hel’s Eight

Book cover for Hel's Eight by Stark Holborn

PUBLISHER: Titan Books
PUBLISHED: March 2023

“A fantastic, punchy SF action story, full of blood and grit and bitter pasts” – Adrian Tchaikovsky, award-winning author of Children of Time, Dogs of War and many more on Ten Low

Who controls the future, controls it all…

Ten “Doc” Low is a medic with a dark past, riding the wastes of the desert moon Factus, dispensing medicine to the needy and death to those who cross the laws of the mysterious Seekers. Cursed by otherworldly forces, she stays alone to keep herself safe, and to keep others safe from her… But when she experiences a terrifying vision of conflict, and foresees the deaths of those she once called friends, she must drag herself back to the land of living to stop a war before it begins.

With a rebellion brewing, the Accord’s grip on the Outer Moons weakening and a sinister tycoon buying up all the land in sight, Ten must find allies where she can and face the past, in order to save the future. Even if the cost might be greater than she could ever have imagined…

A wild, adrenaline-packed, whip-smart crash of storytelling and shoot-outs, ideal for fans of Gideon the Ninth, Becky Chambers’ Wayfarers and Alex White’s Salvagers.

Publisher: Titan Books

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